Flickr adds search for “similar photos” on its platform

Flickr similar photos

Flickr is one of the star products of Yahoo. It is an excellent platform of photography that millions of users use daily to save their works and show them to the world to find some photography to illustrate an article or work, since there is much content with Creative Commons license in its database.

The flickr top menu filters have always helped us find photos of the type, both by license and color, for example, and now we have an additional option: find images that are similar to another already found.

Internally Flickr will look for photos with similar colors and shapes, highlighting those that belong to the same category as the original. In this way, if we have a dog sitting with an anxious face, the results will come with photos that have similar tags, thus avoiding to show other animals different from the dog.

This function has already existed for a long time in the existing image banks on the Internet, even Pinterest has something like that, but if we take into account that Flickr is from Yahoo, and that Yahoo is not going through its best moments, it is easy to understand why they have not implemented something as basic as the search for related images before.

In the article of presentation they indicate that they have used artificial intelligence systems to obtain really good results, with neural networks that know exactly the content of any image that we indicate.


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