‘Focused inbox’ feature being tested in the Windows 10 Mail app

Although many of the features that will come to Windows 10 Creators Update have already reached the Insiders, we still come across some promises that are still under development. One of them is the focused inbox in the Mail app in Windows 10, something that has worked for some time in iOS and Android applications. Actually, it was community who created this feature and Microsoft introduced it in their apps after their purchase.

Now, Microsoft is experimenting with the feature in the Windows 10 Mail app in what is known as the A/B test. This means that the feature is not active for all users, but for a small group that, in this case, also includes those who use the application in the final versions of Windows and not only in the Insider versions.

The focused inbox works with an algorithm that detects the contacts with which we usually talk more through email and that are not within the criteria of what could be a newsletter. In addition, the focused inbox groups the reminders based on Cortana, which the wizard extracts from emails.

Implementation is as expected. Inside the inbox, we will see a second tab at the top labeled “Focused”. Depending on the feedback that Microsoft obtains from the new feature we could see its deployment to all Insiders in the coming weeks, in addition to its arrival in Windows 10 Mobile.


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