‘For Honor’ Balances Some Characters Before the Arrival of its Open Beta

After the end of its closed beta and a few moments of opening its open beta, ‘For Honor’ has confirmed some changes in its Official Discord, which we will detail below.


-Arrangement of the penalty of endurance when making parry with rainy storm.

– Now the attack indicator is visible during the part in which you run raiding storm.


“The range of your zone attack has been reduced by one meter.

“The stab bleed damage has been reduced.


-It has reduced the jumping rank puzzle half a meter and its damage to the stamina in half.

“Head can no longer be canceled to break the guard.

– Entering the full lock position will cost 15 stamina points instead of 5.


-You have increased your life by 10 points.

– Its fast attack will do 20 damage instead of 15.

-Quick bump and agile strike will also see its increased damage similar to the fast attack.

-Arrangement of a ruling that allowed him to throw a strong blow from above after a dodge.

If these changes have affected your favorite character, you may have to get used to it again and if you have not changed something that you hate (such as the ease that both Huskarl and conquerors have to grab people and throw them away), we may have to look for a new way to avoid some movements.

The beta of ‘For Honor’ will arrive today at 3 PM Peninsular hour. To see in more detail some changes you can go through this Reddit post.


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