‘For Honor’ begins its battle against cheaters with the first bans

Every year we find great and unexpected video games that surprise us for good, and in these first two months of 2017, we have already found the first big surprise, this has come from the hand of ‘For Honor’, the first great video game Of Ubisoft for this year. The title developed by the French company has managed to capture the attention of the general public, thanks to its unique multiplayer, and has in the two weeks become the best selling game in the United Kingdom.

However, ‘For Honor’, being a video game with great importance in the multiplayer section, from the developer must take great care of everything that affects this, and for this, Ubisoft has begun to take action on cheaters. That is why, thanks to the tool known as EasyAnteCheat, the French company has made the first wave of bans, eliminating from the multiplayer users who have skipped the rules of the game.

Specifically, as we can see through the official Ubisoft blog, there are already more than 400 players who have been expelled from ‘For Honor’ for violating the game’s own code of conduct, which all of them had to accept. In addition, also many have been expelled whose behavior has not been appropriate.

From Ubisoft tell us a little more in depth how this whole system works. According to these explanations:

“After being pointed out by EasyAntiCheat, those suspicious accounts are checked by the developers, who end up dictating judgment based on the evidence, and who apply the temporary, permanent bans … Bans are applied on the account, Not at the hardware level.If video games are fair, it is the most important thing for the creators of the game, so that measures are taken even by those who cheat for the first time. But those who believe that they have been wrongly expelled can appeal this decision. “

For Honor team has made it clear that they will have zero tolerance with cheaters. So, avoid using any such hacks, else your account will be banned.


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