‘For Honor’ debuts with server problems

We are in the middle of second month of 2017, and in this period of time, we have already found important releases on our consoles such as ‘Resident Evil 7’, ‘Nioh’ or newly released ‘For Honor’ which has been put on sale yesterday.

Well, it seems that the recent debut in the market for ‘For Honor’ has not been as positive as expected from the core of Ubisoft. We are not talking about sales data, nor the reception by the press or the players themselves, but we are talking about the already typical (unfortunately) problems that online games suffer in their early days.

Unfortunately, ‘For Honor’ has not been able to dodge the server problems on its first day, and there have been many players who have been reporting problems with the Ubisoft title, through official game forums, in all each of the versions that are currently on the market.

According to all this information, many players have reported problems that were included within two error messages, one regular on all platforms: “Error in matchmaking”, and another that affected Xbox users: “No requirements achieved.”

Finally, PS4 players had also replayed problems that affected the two versions of the game, the Deluxe edition and the Gold. In this case, the problem comes when trying to exchange the codes of said versions of ‘For Honor’, as these are not recognized by the Sony store. Although in this chaos, it has been the Japanese company itself, which has clarified that it may be due to a problem caused by the latest updates of the company.


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