For Sledghammer, the next ‘Call of Duty’ is their greatest achievement as a game makers

First was Infinity Ward, then Treyarch, and now also Sledgehammer. The three studios take turns launching ‘Call of Duty’ a year and each delivery can have at least 3 years of development, so there is more room to polish and improve the games. In 2016 we received ‘Infinite Warfare’ from the hand of its original creators, who had one of the warmest hosts of the saga. This year, however, it is again the turn of the new studio.

This is basically how they define the next game they have at hand in Sledgehammer, and that is none other than the ‘Call of Duty’ of rigor for 2017. At the moment, we have no idea of its possible name or its characteristics, more Beyond the obviousness of being a military shooter with great emphasis on multiplayer and a film campaign. All we know is that in the last tweet of Sledgehammer.

The best game in the saga might have been a little over, but the best they have done is what they can afford it, and that is not something that can be said lightly. They brought us ‘Advanced Warfare’ in 2014, the first foray into the saga on the whole theme of the sprinter combat with jumps and scurrying around the walls which came to remedy the fiasco of the previous ‘Ghosts’.

Here is the tweet from the Sledgehammer games Twitter account:


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