‘Forza Horizon 3’ will give away the TAMO Racemo to all players for free

Forza Horizon 3 gives TAMO Racemo

The TAMO Racemo from Tata Motors from India was presented today at the Geneva Motor Show and you can already test this sports car in Forza Horizon 3.

‘Forza Horizon 3 has certainly been a success on the part of Playground Games, a developer that continues to support its game in the form of packs of vehicles, Duracell being the latest addition within the title.

Due to the launch of this vehicle in the real world, Microsoft and Playground Games have decided to include this vehicle within ‘Forza Horizon 3’, but that does not end the thing, since each of the players of the title will receive one fully free, in-game, of course.

Start Forza Horizon 3 on the Xbox One and you should already have received a message from the Turn 10 community team that the 2017 TAMO Racemo is placed in the virtual garage. If not, be patient.

To get this vehicle we will only have to enter inside ‘Forza Horizon 3’ and pass us through our messages, where we will find a new message in the gifts tab, from this message we can claim our 2017 TAMO Racemo, which will be added to our collection.

The ‘Forza Horizon 3’ players are in luck, since this is not the only free vehicle they can get, since as we reported in a previous news, we can get the Duracell 2016 GTA Spano through the Xbox store and claiming it Free of charge.

‘Forza Horizon 3’ is available on PC and Xbox One.

What you can expect from this sports car is shown in this trailer:


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