‘Forza’: the Microsoft franchise manages to enter the billion dollar club

‘Forza’ has managed to surpass billion dollars in sales. ‘Forza Motorsport’ has been one of the best motorsport games. Waiting for the other great king of speed, ‘Gran Turismo Sport’, there is no doubt that the saga of Turn 10 already has a route that gives it a commendable quality. It has even more merit in being a branching franchise on two very different slopes: pure and hard simulation with ‘Motorsport’, and the most arcade driving with ‘Horizon’. And yet, both enjoy an enviable success.

As reported by Microsoft itself through a post on the official Xbox blog, the franchise ‘Forza’ has managed to increase the number of nothing more and no less than one billion dollars in revenue throughout its history. These data are collected by the NPD Group.

The game is positioned as the third to reach this figure within the franchises belonging to the company of Redmond, with the other two ‘Halo’ and ‘Gears of War’. In the same post we are told that right now the community has 14 million unique players between Xbox and PC and that ‘Forza Horizon 3’, the last one that came out has already sold two and a half million copies.

Phil Spencer, chief of the Xbox, decides to dedicate a few words to the boys of Turn 10 after this tremendous achievement.

“With the ‘Forza’ series, the guys at Turn 10 Studios have built the world’s largest gaming community. We could not be more proud of their success.”

With ‘Horizon 3’ as one of the flagship titles of Xbox One in 2016, now we can only wait for the next installment of ‘Motorsport’.


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