Foursquare launches Pilgrim SDK for third parties to send contextual messages

Foursquare Pilgrim SDK

Pilgrim is a technology proprietary of Foursquare with several years of development that allows to know at all times, in real time, where the user is through his mobile device and based on it will offer contextualized recommendations to the place to which he goes.

Well, now Foursquare wants to expand its technology by making it available to interested vendors and application developers by launching its software development kit, Pilgrim SDK.

In this way, the applications and services that integrate Pilgrim SDK will be able to know with total precision where the users are at all times and based on this offer contextual messages.

On this point, Foursquare points out that Pilgrim’s technology works perfectly with marketing automation tools, so it could be used by vendors and brands to enable the sending of messages at appropriate times and places, generating more personalized experiences and generating better commitments to its customers.

Pilgrim’s technology has been growing over the years, thanks to the registrations of users around the world through the applications of Foursquare, providing enough data on millions of places around the world.

Until now, Pilgrim has been used in Foursquare City Guide and Swarm, although from now on it can be integrated into more applications and third-party services. Of course, although Foursquare has not disclosed prices in this respect, the platform suggests that prices will depend on the number of users and licenses. In addition, it is working with brands and specific vendors in the launch of Pilgrim SDK.

Source: Medium


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