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Vidmate is a Chinese app. It is one of the products of UCbrowser. As we know it is the further product of Alibaba. Using Vidmate app we are able to download videos from different websites. It was launched in 2014. It has a large user base. It is widely used to watch videos, as well as TV shows, live and post-telecast.

The main feature of this amazing app is, it is free to use unlimitedly. It has no subscription fees, no hidden cost, etc. We can stream any TV serial from old to the latest, with all the episodes. We have the option to search video of own choice from any genre. It has the wide variety of genres as well as the large list of videos.

The most favorable feature of this app is that we can stream live cricket match as well as we can download and stream highlights of the different matches. We can stream different sports channels as well using this app. If you are traveling while missing our show or cricket match, I suggest you don’t worry, you will not miss anything from now onwards if you start using this amazing app, you surely will not regret anymore.

Let’s have looked at the different versions of the app: –

Vidmate 2017 & 2018 Old Version 3.36 to 3.03 Free Download

These are the latest versions of the Vidmate app. These versions are updated to improve the working and vitality of the application. you can click on the link below to select and download the version of your choice. Latest the version, better will be the functionality.

Vidmate Latest Version 3.51- July 2018

Vidmate Version 3.49- July 2018

Vidmate Version 3.48- June 2018

Vidmate Version 3.47- June 2018

Vidmate Version  3.46- May 2018

Vidmate Version 3.45- May 2018

Vidmate Version 3.44- April 2018

Vidmate Version 3.43- April 2018

Vidmate Version 3.42- March 2018

Vidmate Version 3.41- March 2018

Vidmate Version 3.39- Feb 2018

Vidmate Version 3.38- Feb 2018

Vidmate Version 3.37- Jan 2018

Vidmate Version 3.36- Jan 2018

Vidmate Version 3.35-December 2017

Vidmate Version 3.34- December 2017

Vidmate Version 3.33- Nov 2017

Vidmate Version 3.31-Nov 2017

Vidmate Version 3.29- Oct 2017

Vidmate Version 3.28- Oct 2017

Vidmate Version3.24- September 2017

Vidmate Version 3.23- September 2017

Vidmate Version 3.21- Aug 2017

Vidmate Version 3.19– Aug 2017

Vidmate Version 3.18-July 2017

Vidmate Version 3.17-July 2017

Vidmate Version 3.16-June 2017

Vidmate Version 3.15-June 2017

Vidmate Version 3.14-May 2017

Vidmate Version 3.13-May 2017

Vidmate Version 3.12-April 2017

Vidmate Version 3.11April 2017

Vidmate Version 3.09 March 2017

Vidmate Version 3.08– March 2017

Vidmate Version 3.07- Feb 2017

Vidmate Version 3.06– Feb 2017

Vidmate Version 3.05- Jan 2017

Vidmate Version 3.04– Jan 2017

Vidmate 2015 & 2016 Old Version 2.62 to 2.06 –  Free Download

These versions have the most variation in them. These were the most demanding changes which were done by the team as per the user demand and requirement. You can click any of the links below to install the version of your own choice.

Vidmate Version 2.62

Vidmate Version 2.61

Vidmate Version 2.58

Vidmate Version 2.56

Vidmate Version 2.55

Vidmate Version 2.53

Vidmate Version 2.52

Vidmate Version 2.51

Vidmate Version 2.49

Vidmate Version 2.48

Vidmate Version 2.47

Vidmate Version 2.46

Vidmate Version 2.44

Vidmate Version 2.43

Vidmate Version 2.42

Vidmate Version 2.41

Vidmate Version 2.39

Vidmate Version 2.38

Vidmate Version 2.37

Vidmate Version 2.36

Vidmate Version 2.33

Vidmate Version 2.32

Vidmate Version 2.31

Vidmate Version 2.29

Vidmate Version 2.28

Vidmate Version 2.27

Vidmate Version 2.26

Vidmate Version 2.25

Vidmate Version 2.22

Vidmate Version 2.21

Vidmate Version 2.19

Vidmate Version 2.18

Vidmate Version 2.17

Vidmate Version 2.16

Vidmate Version 2.15

Vidmate Version 2.14

Vidmate Version 2.13

Vidmate Version 2.12

Vidmate Version 2.11

Vidmate Version 2.09

Vidmate Version 2.08

Vidmate Version 2.07

Vidmate Version 2.06

Vidmate 2014 Old Version 1.66 & 1.65 Free Download

These are the oldest versions of Vidmate app. These are the versions when Vidmate app was just launched and people like you and me are getting familiar with it. There were many minor glitches which were slowly and gradually removed by the team. Click the links below to install version of your choice.

Vidmate Version 1.66

Vidmate Version 1.65

Click on this link to download Vidmate for PC

If you are facing any kind of problem in downloading and installing Vidmate app on Windows PC then click on the link to get ways of downloading and installing vidmate on windows PC.

Do you use vidmate? If yes, how is your experience?

If you have the kind query related to Vidmate app, feel free to ask and comment below.


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