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6 Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2021

Free Sports Streaming Sites

I get angry when there’s any kind of interruptions when watching my favorite sports. This gets even further when I’m unable to watch the live stream in the crucial minutes of a match.

If you’re an avid sports lover, tell me – How would you feel?

It’s really difficult to keep yourself calm in such a dire situation.


But should you do?

Well, the best thing would be to do a switch over to reliable yet Free Sports Streaming Sites. And if you’re looking for such websites, don’t go anywhere else, you’ll have everything right in this post. So, keep reading:

Free Sports Streaming Sites
Free Sports Streaming Sites


Stream2watch is the first free sports streaming sites on this list.

To be specific, it is an IPTV website where you can watch live sports of your choice.

From American football to soccer, there is not a single Sports you can’t watch on Stream2watch.

Believe me, when I say this, it means I have tried this free Sports Streaming website many times.

That’s not it. I was still looking for some extra alternative websites. But what made me stick to it. Can you guess the reason?

It was that overjoying moment when I found out about some of The popular entertainment live channels available on the website.

Yeah, you heard me, right? It’s basically a free live Sports streaming website, but out of nowhere I found I can have some fun time on it, I was overwhelmed.

After using Stream2watch for over an year, I can comfortably declare this website as a powerhouse where you can watch everything you want to watch at absolutely no cost (Including Worldwide News).

That’s awesome, isn’t it?

Now, talking about the user interface. Stream2watch is a quite basic website where you can simply type in the channel name in the search box available right at the top.

Once you have found the search box, you can simply type in the channel name or sports name to directly Switch over using the 12 options available on the website.

Also, if you want to plan a particular stream, you can simply open the live sports schedule to find out the complete details of a particular sports happening around the world.

VIPRow Sports

VIPRow is the 2nd free sports streaming sites on this list.

When you open this website for the first time, right away you see dozens of sports available on this website to stream various sorts from UFC to WWE or anything else you want to watch.

When I used this website for the first time I had this one strange thought in my head.

Isn’t it identical to VIP League?

I bet you would have thought so too. But,

As I saw more and more channels, I was convinced.

It is even better than the already existing VIP League proxy websites.

Even though the website leads to many sports on its homepage.

It’s mainly popular for sports such as soccer, Tenis, MMA, Golf, American football, racing Sports, handball, volleyball, cycling, basketball and darts.

Why is that so?

Well, I won’t stretch it here and come straight to the point.

It’s because VIPRow Sports provides additional servers for the sports mentioned above.

So in case a particular server stops streaming or any other issues you are facing from your end, you don’t have to use any other free Sports streaming websites.

You can quickly switch over to the second or third server to never miss out on a sporting moment.

Furthermore, as you can see in the image posted above, this website comes with Dark theme.

And the best thing about this website is that unlike many popular ones, you don’t get any disturbance while watch sports of your choice.

That’s because, this website is a prime example of how everything should exist in its place.

Also, VIPRow Sports was helpful especially when stream buffers on a lot of video players and that too on a good internet connection.


Sportsurge is the 3rd free sports streaming sites on this list.

It’s quite worrisome when a particular server website pulls down its servers.

This gets even worse when your favorite sport is going on and at the worst moment possible, you can get deprived of it.
That’s a bummer, isn’t it?

You see when Sportsurge was released, it had only a limited number of sports.

To be exact, the number was 3.

✅American football.

✅Baseball and


Do you know why?

When other websites already mentioned in this post provides the facility to stream dozens of sports, how can Sites like Sportsurge wanted to focus on a limited number of sports.

That’s not it.

Sportsurge comes with an interface that’s helpful for users.

As the website’s popularity has reached to a new height, we continue to see it getting continuous appreciation from legit followers.

Not just that the website even has added some other popular sports competitions such as MMA, soccer, Motorsports, and ice hockey.

Once again, I would emphasize this website. If you are looking to watch a variety of supports, this website is not for you.

Open up your ears👂 and listen closely.

This website is only for those who are looking forward to have the best user experience possible.

With the best user experience. I meant to say – No buffering, and no pop-up ads whatsoever.

Besides, you wouldn’t mind if there are one or two display ads right on the homepage. Despite all this, Sportsurge manages to pull off something extraordinary – Provide premium touch to a free Sports streaming sites.

Just right at the top, I mentioned this website has some cons.

So I must talk about them a bit more.

With a dark theme website, Sportsurge pulls all the right strings in the right direction. However, some UI/UX differences make it hard for a user to navigate from one sports to another.

Apart from this minor negative, I don’t think you would have any issue with this especially when Sportsurge claims to provide a hundred percent ad-free experience. No intrusive or annoying ads that can track your location or personal information.

Besides, when I had no option but switch to other free sports streaming sites, Sportsurge came to the rescue.


Cricfree is the 4th free sports streaming sites on this list.

Cricfree was the very first website where I started watching a variety of sports.

By looking at the website name, you would generally think of it as a cricket-only streaming website.

Even I was slightly confused in the beginning.

But that’s not at all true. This name is misleading in many ways.

Any day, a sports lover can start watching live streams of the following Sports:

Basketball, ice hockey, WWE, Golf. Motorsports Baseball Etc.

If you have a high internet fiber connection.

There is no need for you to always play live streams on Low quality. Instead, Cricfree lets you watch your favorite Match in high-definition video quality.

When you want to watch sports on Cricfree, it doesn’t matter where you live or which channel you want to play.

This website has sports channels from different parts of the world.

If you are in the UK, there’s Sky Sports.

If you are from the United States, there is fox sport for you.

When your streaming needs are over, Cricfree also provides access to related news happening all over the world.

When it comes down to choosing a channel, the final decision is yours to take.

I have been watching live sports on third-party websites.

It gets a little bit boring when watching slow sports such as 5-days Test Cricket, golf matches.

So it becomes a bit hard for a person to stick to a particular live match airing on the TV channel.

That’s where the chat option on the free website is valuable to its core.

Whenever you feel bored simply switch over to its chat option on the live stream page and communicate with hard core fans.


Footybyte is the 5th free sports streaming sites on this list.

Footybyte – This sounds like a funny name. But don’t go by the name as it is a perfect alternative to already established Reddit soccer streams.

Yeah, you read that, right.

If you are a follower of American football or International Football, this website is the perfect combination

It’s likely, International football fans may not know about American football and American football fans may not know much about International Football.

So, Footybyte provides a live chat open right below the video player to have live conversation with followers of both the sports.

This way, it would be easier for you to understand the two sports better.

Once you have grown out to be an enthusiast Football fan.

This website never lets you down as it keeps you updating with what’s happening all around in that particular sport?

This doesn’t end here. If you have certain favorite teams or leagues, then you can simply follow them to keep track of their match happening on here.

Even though. This website does claim to offer other sports such as volleyball. Professional wrestling, Ice hockey, volleyball basketball, Etc. But the kind of response I have seen on this website by hard-core football fans is quite overwhelming.

Further, before you go ahead and start watching live sports, this website lets you get direct access to the live sports channel where that particular match is going to take place

Besides, anyway, it doesn’t matter where you want to watch live sports or its highlights. Simply type in NBC Sports, Euro Sports, Sky Sports, and you are all set to watch the two particular channels in both SD and HD quality.


Sportstream is the 6th free sports streaming sites on this list.

It feels nice when you have not one, not two, but four options to watch live sports.

There are dozens of free live streaming websites.

I have listed some of the best websites on this list. So how come this one is different from the rest of them.

First of all, when you open this website for the first time, you would see dozens of Live channels on the right side of it.

Then down below that you can switch over to the major sports League happening all over the world.

Sports competitions included in this list are:

  • UEFA Champions League.
  • English Premier League.
  • UFC
  • NFL
  • NBA.

Scroll down a bit and you will see a complete list of sports happening all over the globe.

From American football to the Tennis matches played by Roger Federer.

You can watch them all.

Not just that, if The match is going to happen in some other country, you can simply switch the time zone to GMT and find out when it’ll come to live in your country
In terms of the user interface, this website looks quite neat and clean.

Right, from its home page, you can simply Check out the upcoming events.

Happening in a particular Sports.

When this website was moved, there was no search bar at your top.

However, with some UX changes, the new search bar has been edited right on the schedule board.

In the recent enjoy UI/UX changes, this website has also made certain changes to the way it used to displays ads on its website.

This time you won’t have any problem with this website as you don’t get any kind of annoying ads right on the homepage or live video streaming page.


Even though there are dozens of Free Sports Streaming Sites available online, at the moment, I could only include 6 of them in this list.

But don’t worry, I’ll continue to add similar websites in this list. So, always keep in check.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve got any questions for me then do let me know about them in the comments section given below.

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