‘Freedom Planet 2’ Adds Neera Li as a Playable Character

Freedom Planet 2 Adds Neera Li

There is a great news for lovers of the work of Galaxy Trail Games. The news of its new videogame continues flowing as its release for summer approaches, and the last one falls on one of its main protagonists. Neera Li will be a playable character in ‘Freedom Planet 2’ and presents herself with a frantic gameplay in which she demonstrates her skills with the spear.

This panda girl appeared as a secondary character to beat in the first game, being a terrible antagonist for the three protagonists and establishing throughout the game a friendly relationship with Milla.

In this delivery she returns with spear and very focused on the combat, displaying attacks similar to her boss in the first video game. The characters shown so far are the slowest and their repertoire of moves focus on short range attacks, but in turn can make quick attacks and freeze their enemies in blocks of ice.

‘Freedom Planet’ is a video game inspired by the MegaDrive classics of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, which takes important elements such as speed or the various routes available in each level to update them with a great story and mechanics.

Neera Li is the fourth playable character confirmed so far, after the trio of protagonists returning from the first installment: Lilac, Carol and Milla. The surprise of being able to handle this panda girl leads us to wonder if from Galaxy Trail Games they prepare some more announcement about some other new person to take control during the adventure, like Spade or Torque. For the moment we have to wait till summer, when ‘Freedom Planet 2’ will be released in digital format for PC and Wii U.


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