From Now GIPHY Allows to Store Our Favorite GIFs in the Gallery


If animated GIFs and memes are recurring elements in your social networks and communication applications, we are convinced that you will know the GIPHY application. If it is not your case, take a look because we assure you that you will love it.

This application is about a huge database in which you can easily find almost any meme that goes through your head. By clicking on any of these, you can share it in WhatsApp, Twitter or any other social network and with the new update, you can also save them in the Gallery of your terminal, as we are informed from Phone Arena.

The procedure is so simple as to share it through any application. After clicking on the meme or GIF to share or search the Share menu, you will find a download button. Clicking on it will have the file at our disposal.

In this way, the files will be available in a specific folder created in your gallery, from which you can share them as many times as you want. It is true that some apps like Telegram or Twitter allow you to look for such files from the interface itself, but others like WhatsApp or Google’s GBoard still do not have this support.

By the way, we remind you that the creators of this application have also developed GIPHY Cam, an application with which we ourselves will be the ones who create the GIFs through the camera of our own terminal, editing them and adding some elements as if it were a photograph.

At the moment, these are all the news that incorporates the app. They may seem few, and they are, but this tool has become popular in recent years, so it was worth creating an update.


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