Funny Anti-Valentine Quotes, Cards & Ideas being Single on Valentine Day

Here are some funny quotes, cards, and anti-valentine ideas being single on valentine week and love it. Check out Anti-Valentine Week Date sheet...

Valentine’s day is following an anti-valentines week, the anti-valentines wee starts from 5th February 2018 until 21st February 2018. Anti-valentines day is also consist of 7 different days. Slap day, kick day, perfume day, flirting day, confession day, missing day and breakup day are the part of Anti-valentines week. Date, schedule, and calendar of the anti-valentine week 2018 is as follows with Funny Anti-Valentine Quotes.


Slap Day Wednesday 15th February 2018
Kick Day Thursday 16th February 2018
Perfume Day Friday 17th February 2018
Flirting Day Saturday 18th February 2018
Confession Day Sunday 19th February 2018
Missing Day Monday 20th February 2018
Breakup Day Tuesday 21th February 2018


Anti Valentine Week List 2018

Slap Day:

This day is meant for breaking up couples who can slap each other or girls can slap the guy who proposed her as a sign of rejection. It is the first day from the Anti-Valentine list.

Kick Day:

This day is actually meant to kick away all the sorrows and sadness of the past relationships and failed relations. and not actually to kick the boyfriend or girlfriend.

Perfume Day:

On this day if you are single or broken up you can gift a perfume. To your crush as a sign of adoration.

Flirting Day:

Singles and broken up couples are so free in the valentines week. And on Valentines day so on this day, you can flirt around with boys and girls. Check out Happy Flirting Day Images & Most Viral Video by clicking here:

Confession Day:

For couples who are in a relationship. But is not being loyal or being cheating on can go ahead and confess on this day.

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Missing Day:


Broken up couples who are missing their old love can send missing message, text or missing image to their ex as a sigh of remembrance.

Breakup Day:

If you are fed up with your current relationship and want to be free then this is the day you can break up and make a new start.

Funny Anti-Valentine Quotes

Slap Day 2018 Quotes

“Go in front of the mirror and Slap your face twice a day! Happy Slap Day Wishes”.
“If you want to slap someone really, then slap and yell Mosquito! Messages”

Happy Kick Day Quotes

“Stupid friend of infidelity Everyone is proud of their choice Happy Kick Day”
“कोई गधे एक खलिहान को तोड़ सकता है, लेकिन यह एक अच्छा बढ़ई को एक का निर्माण करने के लिए ले जाता है”

Perfume Day Quotes

“Today is perfume day and I am sending Aromatic flowers for you in this SMS to make your day really a wonderful day. Happy perfume day dear.”
“There is NO wine if grapes are not pressed NO perfume if flowers r not crushed If u feel any pressure in life, it means God is bringing the Best out of you. Happy Perfume day.”

Happy Flirting Day Quotes

“Height of flirting: Writing a love letter with the title as ‘To Whom So Ever It May Concern’ “Happy Flirting Day 2018”
“Aadab Arz Hai !!! I do not know how much I am … Wah wah !!!! I do not know how much I am … Do you want to go … MADE IN CHINA … “Happy Flirting Day … !!!”

Confession Day Quotes

“Though it is a shame and toil misguided, And to my folly self-derided Here at your feet I will admit It ill befits my years, my station, Good sense has long been overdue! And yet, by every indication Happy Confession Day 2018”
“Har din ye dil akela Hota Hai, Har Ek Pal uske bina adhura Hota Hai Koi Yaad Karta Hai to koi bhoola deta Hai, Par har ek friend zaroori Hota Hai”

Happy Missing Day Quotes

“Agar Ho Waqt To Mulakat Dijiye Dil Kuch Kehna Chahe To Baat Kijiye Yuto Muskil H Alcove Dur Rehna Par 1 Lamha Mil Jaye To Humko Yaad Kijiye”
“Na Kabhi Chupaya Ki Pyar Kitna Hai, Na Kabhi Bataya Ki Dard Kitna Hai, Hume Aur Ek Us Khuda Ko Malum Hai Hume Aapse Milne Ka Kitna Intezar Kitne Hai. I Miss You”

Breakup Quotes

“breakup is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it.”
“I just hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone.” “Happy Break Up Day”


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