Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow will soon hit the Android Play Store

The name of Matt Groening to many of you will sound very familiar, especially by the mythical series “The Simpsons”, which monopolizes millions of fans around the world. But Matt Groening is not only known for this series, but also for Futurama which was much less successful, but still has a significant number of fans behind it.

Now he wants to return in the form of a video game, created with the collaboration of the original creators of the series and part of the actors who gave voice to the characters.

Futurama will return in video game form on the Google Play Store. The arrival of the new video game has been pronounced in a press release, which also indicates that the creator of the series, Matt Groening, producer David X. Cohen and other participants of the original series will be contributors to the video game.

The developers of the game will be the members of TinyCo, but next to them joins the animation team of the series, Rough Draft Studios.

There are still no official announcements about the game, all we know is that it will be free-to-play, something that we expected.

The new delivery seems to have elements similar to the Family Parent game. Expectations are high and it is promised that it will be better game than the previous one of the animated series, Futurama: Game of Drones which turned out to be a kind of imitation of the mythical Candy Crush.

We do not have information on when the new Futurama game will arrive, although probably in the next few days we will know official data. Even so, we can go to Google Play and pre-register, this way we will be notified when the game is available for download.

Google Play | Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow (Pre-Registration)


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