Future HTC Terminals Could Integrate Google Assistant From Factory


HTC puts emphasis on artificial intelligence with Google Assistant. The CEO of HTC has clearly indicated that future HTC terminals could come with Google Assistant.

Among the most promising technologies of the future are virtual assistants. Little is left for these useful tools to become part of our day to day, just as it has happened with smartphones. However, it is true that at present these assistants have not yet been sufficiently perfected.

It seems that Google wants to be one of the first companies to polish and develop this type of tools to the maximum. Not wanting to be left behind, everything indicates that HTC would have been the last to join the alliance with Google.

While not the first time that HTC collaborates with Google developing both software and hardware, it would be the first time the firm directly applies this type of wizard to their devices. And is that, according to the statements of own president of the division of smartphones and connected items of HTC Chialin Chang, this is what they intend to do.

In recent statements from Chang, the CEO said that they are currently working on various projects, and that there is always a different product. However, what signifies the future collaboration between these two great technological companies is the direct answer to whether Google Assistant would ever come to the HTC U series devices.

“At some point it will enter our phones when its ready. Google wants HTC to use Google Assistant so it can spread to get big data and allow them many things. They want us to incorporate the Assistant in a standard, prominent way. We will use that, but that’s on the cloud. Beyond that, there’s a lot of device information that can be useful to a consumer which we want to provide [with our AI]. ”

With these revelations, Chang does nothing more than confirm that Google Assistant will be part of HTC’s line of devices in the future. The question, of course, is when? If we recall, in the recent presentation of the latest HTC terminals, the firm already placed special emphasis on the introduction of attendees and artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, it is also important to keep in mind that both Google and HTC have collaborated closely in recent projects such as the Google Pixel. For this reason, if Google Assistant became available on phones other than Pixel, HTC would be the first in the list to receive it.


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