Galaxy Note 8 conceptual video that promises to leave you astonished

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Xiaomi hit hard showing his concept of phablet with screen without bevels. A lush lines design materialized in the form of Xiaomi Mi Mix. Since then this formula which has resulted in an unequaled visual appeal for users has been applied to a greater or lesser extent by other manufacturers. Samsung has done it in its own way with Samsung Galaxy S8 and added to the equation, a screen with double curved side to put even more emphasis on the aesthetics of the set. The futuristic Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has all the ballots to inherit much of the aesthetics of S8, although the following video shows a very attractive concept.

However, it already begins to resonate with Internet information that places it to the generational relay of Galaxy Note 7 for the month of September. This presentation would take place in the framework of the fair IFA of Berlin. The same scenario has been used by South Koreans over the last few years to introduce each new generation of the Galaxy Note. So, everything points to the staging of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in less than 6 months.

Conceptual design of Galaxy Note 8 on video

We are surprised that the first leaks have already occurred in this regard, both to confirm the existence of this project that was debated after the withdrawal of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and to advance some date and possible features of the model.

However, we cannot stop before mentioning one of the latest videos created in the heat of YouTube, a video streaming platform on which we can find the conceptual video of the most shocking type. It shows the imagination of a designer that shapes in its own way and how it could be the design of the futuristic Galaxy Note 8.

With the DNA of the Galaxy S8 Plus

The work of the aforementioned person is based mainly on the last steps given by Samsung. It is anticipated, as it happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (which inherited part of its design line from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would do the same regarding Samsung Galaxy S8 just with a few variations.

The result as you can see for yourselves in the following video and in the gallery of images attached. This multimedia content leaves behind a really attractive design where the screen has the maximum claim. An Infiniti Display panel, possibly larger in size at 6.2 inches than the Galaxy S8 Plus but with even lower and higher frames.

While the designer’s publication includes a list of associated technical features as well, those in our opinion are too speculative. What we really think is more interesting are the lines and large screen without frames for this futuristic Samsung Galaxy Note 8, after watching the video and possibly wish that Samsung presents a phablet if not the same then very similar, aesthetically speaking.


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