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10 Games Like ABCya to Make Your Kid Super Smart

Are you looking for games like ABCya to help your kid learn new things and become really smart while having fun?

Here, I will talk about 10 games that are as good as ABCya. These games are all about making learning fun.

They use games and play to help kids learn and grow in many areas, like counting, reading, and thinking. These games can make learning something your kid looks forward to. Let’s get started!

Fun Brain

Fun Brain takes on a unique approach to education with games, comics, and videos tailored for kids in pre-K through to eighth grade. Some of its highlights include:

  • Hundreds of entertaining games that take kids on learning adventures across subjects like math, reading, and more.
  • A unique feature like the ‘Playground’ is designed chiefly for preschoolers and kindergartners to familiarize themselves with basic academic skills through enjoyable games.
  • Comprehensive math-oriented resources in the ‘Math Zone,’ compiling games that boost mathematical skills while entertaining the child.

ABC Kids

ABC Kids effectively combines simplicity and fun to offer early learners a route to develop basic motor and cognitive skills. This platform:

  • The platform offers games focusing on tracing letters of the alphabet and phonics, easing young learners into English language skills.
  • The colorful and catchy interface is designed to appeal to toddlers’ interests.
  • Matching games improve kids’ memory, while spelling games promote language proficiency.

Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy is a sprawling virtual world of knowledge that cleverly hides learning nuggets within play. The game:

  • An adventure-style gameplay format promoting immersive learning. Interwoven within the gameplay are core academic subjects, enhancing learning through enjoyable quests.
  • Character personalization lets the child express their individuality in the virtual world.
  • Encourages collaboration through multiplayer features, allowing friends to team up, fostering teamwork and mutual learning.



Starfall is a thoughtfully crafted educational website that caters to the learning needs of children with diverse abilities. Starfall:

  • Uses phonics to teach children language arts and mathematics creatively through games, songs, and other interactive content
  • Provides a wholesome atmosphere for learners, from toddlers to 3rd graders
  • Complements traditional classroom resources effectively

Coolmath Games

Coolmath Games
Coolmath Games

Coolmath Games, contrary to its name, does not consist of math games only but also includes logic and strategy games. The platform:

  • Contrary to the name, the platform isn’t limited to math but offers games that build problem-solving skills and induce logical thinking.
  • Engaging content for a wide age range—from kids to adults—making learning a family affair.
  • Games that subtly incorporate learning into the gameplay, fostering critical thinking and learning through play.


Creating a harmonious balance of entertainment, exploration, and self-paced learning, Poptropica remains a favorite. This platform:

  • There are numerous islands for players to explore, each one featuring interactive quests that promote problem-solving while delivering knowledge across subjects.
  • Customizable player avatars allow individuals to express their personality.
  • Encourages safe play, containing a moderated chat feature preventing inappropriate language and content.

Turtle Diary

Turtle Diary transforms rote concepts into fun learning experiences. This platform:

  • Offers an array of simple yet effective games catering to diverse subject areas
  • Breaks down complex topics into understandable concepts, making learning joyfully easy
  • Provides brain-tickling quizzes, puzzles, and worksheets, promoting active recall and reinforcement of concepts

Disney LOL

Disney LOL
Disney LOL

Disney LOL brings the laughter and cheer typically associated with Disney to educational games. This platform:

  • Provides a diverse range of entertaining games under categories including puzzle, action, role-play, and strategy
  • Encourages creative thinking among kids through various creativity-focused gameplays
  • Offers favorite Disney characters to engage with, enhancing its appeal

Splash Learn

Splash Learn is a perfect buddy to guide your child’s learning journey. Splash Learn:

  • Comprehensive math and reading games that align with school curriculums supplement classroom learning.
  • Personalized learning paths adapt to each learner’s skill level, ensuring children learn quickly.
  • Parents get access to progress reports and analytics, helping them track their child’s learning journey. excels in imparting touch typing proficiency and digital literacy to kids. This comprehensive platform:

  • Provides interactive typing lessons, coding fundamentals, and digital literacy running across progressive difficulty levels
  • Hosts games geared explicitly toward reinforcing learned typing skills in a fun way
  • Offers real-time feedback to learners, with badges and rewards to keep their enthusiasm alive


Educational games are changing how kids learn. They are making learning change from a boring job to a fun thing that kids look forward to.

Let your kid start a path of learning filled with fun, joy, making things, and deep thought. These 10 games like ABCya is just the start.

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