GBoard for Android is updated with text edit options

gboard text editing

The Google keyboard is one of the most used in Android phones considering it comes in as the default keyboard on most phones. Now, we tell you about the new features of GBoard for Android as it has received a very interesting update.

The keyboards for Android are quite interesting for most users as they provide us with great customizations and different ways of writing along with word recognition and proofreader good or bad depending on the keyboard. We have already presented you with the best alternatives for Google keyboard that you could download on your Android phone but today we will talk about this GBoard as it becomes even more interesting and competitive.

Google has already surprised us by releasing GBoard, the revamped version of the Google keyboard with the integrated Google search. Today, we see that this Android keyboard is further updated and the same will soon be updated on iOS handsets according to the company.

Google has added 22 new languages ​​to GBoard including eleven new languages ​​from India. This provides it the ability to support scripts native to each language and with the possibility of transliteration with Gboard. However the update is mainly due to the inclusion of the text editor and new customization options that allow you to change the size or position of the keyboard, as well as adding new menus.

Editing text

Gboard now has a text editing mode with specific buttons to navigate between words and lines, select text, cut, copy and paste directly from the keyboard without a complicated and long task. To access this new function in Gboard simply click on a new text editing icon that appears in the keyboard shortcuts menu, on the G button.

The editing format has large keys and buttons that allow you to scroll through the text. Additionally it has commands that allow you to elaborate tasks like select all.

Floating Keyboard

The new keyboard also allows customization options that will make accessibility easy. Now you can change the size of the keyboard and move it to the position you find most comfortable, thus facilitating the use of the mobile with one hand. Simply go to the Gboard quick menu (by clicking on the G in the suggestion bar) click on more options (the three points) then click on the keyboard section to one hand. Thus, you will get a floating keyboard that you can adjust on the side of the screen you see and can resize to your liking.

In short, this GBoard has become a complete keyboard that does not lack anything and can only competed with some applications like Switfkey, that has themes to fight with it, prediction of the smarter text and some functions of Customization that ends up thanking the user.


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