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How to Earn Zedge Credits for Free?

Amazing but premium! Do want to use premium HD wallpapers, ringtones, icons, background and games to get the best out of zedge app. If yes, today, we are going to cover the ways to earn zedge credits so that you don’t need to spend money.

For those, who are unaware of zedge app:

Recently, we have published the article on Zedge reviews where we have covered almost everything from ownership of zedge to alternatives of zedge app along with the zedge app users enquiry such as is zedge harmful, is zedge free or so on!

A Quick Short Note on Zedge App

Zedge is a content distribution platform where you can personalize your mobile phone with free and premium latest high quality wallpapers, ringtones, emojis and notification sounds. As of 31st August 2020, the application has 436 million+ downloads and more than 30 million monthly active users.

Not only this, zedge app got rewarded multiple times for their amazing app and consistently acquired entitled “Best 60 Apps.

“Zedge Holdings” came into existence in mid-2016 as an independent company separating itself from its parent company “IDT Corporation”. and got listed in the NewYork Stock exchange.

What is Zedge Credit?

Although Zedge is a free app for Android users, there are professional creators at this platform who sold their content. If we want to access that premium content then we need to pay some monthly amount.

Also, if we want to access its services in free section without any advertisement then we need to pay some monthly subscription fee or have to spend zedge credits.

In order to take benefits of the premium content, we need to earn zedge credits. Now, the question arises “how to purchase Zedge credits?”.

Let us explore the methods of purchasing these credits.

Unlock Premium Content with Zedge Credits

There are many methods of earning Zedge credits, some of which are paid while the other is free. When you purchase Zedge credits, then it will get reflected in your zedge account and your Zedge credit pile is increased.

How it seems if you can purchase these credits free of cost? Isn’t it mind-blowing? A good news is that you can purchase Zedge credits free of cost. There are many methods of doing so. Let us discuss all of this one by one.

Paid method of earning Zedge credits

You can purchase zedge credits using Google Play or iTunes account. This is a paid method of earning credit. Click the Z credit wallet amount in your profile and pay using Google play or Apple iTunes.

Earn Zedge Credits for Free

  1. Watch Advertisements

zedgewatch ads

  • You need to watch advertisements for earning free credits.
  • There is a limited number of ads that you can watch in a day.
  • Every ad earns 10 Zedge credits.
  • When the time is over then the option “Simply watch ads to earn credits” is changed to “Earn more Tomorrow“.

2. Answer Questions

This is the second method of earning free credits just by answering some questions. A survey is conducted here and every person is not eligible to attend the survey.

survey zedgesurvey complete

At the start of the survey, some qualifying questions will be asked to you. If you answer according to them, then you are allowed to attend the survey and you will be connected to the main survey. It’s very good for you. Now you can complete the survey and can earn free credits.

Otherwise, if you do not satisfy their qualifying criteria then you may be rejected to attend the survey.

  • Click on the “GO” button.
  • The number of questions is different in different surveys. The longer the survey, the more are the credits you can earn.
  • At the start of the survey, it will be displayed on your screen that how many credits you are going to earn from this survey.
  • Also, in between the survey, you can watch how many credits you have earned till that point from the profile icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  • After the completion of the survey, a message is displayed to you representing your total Zedge credit score.
  • A text ” thank you for completing a survey” will appear on your main screen.

Note: I am sorry to say that Zedge does not provide any assistance regarding survey module. If you face any problem either within the survey or after the survey regarding your credit score then you need to go into the Help section imbedded in your profile icon.

How to earn money from Zedge?

You can also earn money from the Zedge platform. Do you know the meaning of the term “Zedge Premium”, you are hearing from the start of the article? Zedge premium is basically the premium or paid content offered by the professional artists.

Any of the people can upload their content or creative either 3D wallpaper, customized T-shirts, or ringtones on this platform and can get money for the same. You need your content to be licensed to Zedge before uploading.

Final words

This is an amazing app for customizing your mobile phone. Your mobile phone will have a completely new look by using Zedge’s customized 3D wallpapers and ringtones. In this article, I have told you the methods of earning Zedge credits that you can further use to unlock the premium content on this platform.

Also, you can earn money by uploading your amazing creative at this platform and letting that available for others.

If you are having any questions regarding this app, please write in the comment section. We will help you as soon as possible.

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