‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ kicks off its open beta

As expected, the open beta of Ghost Recon Wildlands has started today on all platforms (PC, PS4 and Xbox One), and will run until 12:00 p.m. Monday, February 27.

A final preview before the launch

This new public test phase allows us to explore two of the 21 provinces available at the launch of the game: Itacua, which begins the main story of the title which we already knew in the closed beta and Montuyoc, a dangerous area located in the snowy altiplano, where are located the elite training centers of the Santa Blanca cartel.

In fact, the challenge of this new zone will be much greater, so it is advisable to first complete the missions that we will find in Itacua to obtain experience points and improvements of skills, weapons and equipment, in order to face the threats of Montuyoc.

On the other hand, players who participate in this open beta will have the opportunity to complete a new exclusive mission, titled “The Conspiracy of Unity”, which will propose to us to trigger a war between the Unit, a local corrupt militia and the cartel Of Santa Blanca.

We remind you that like the full game, the open beta can be played in full cooperatively with up to three friends.

‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ will go on sale next March 31, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We leave you with the official trailer of its open beta.


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