‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’: Meet the authors of their story in a new video

Ubisoft has released a new video of ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’, which under the title ‘Writing for Wildlands’ introduces the authors of its history and characters, including the famous writer Don Winslow, author of the best selling The Power of Dog. You have this video at the end of this news.

Winslow is an expert in the field and has been writing about drug trafficking in Mexico, Latin America and the rest of the world for some twenty years, following a life-changing experience. Together with Shane Salerno (‘Avatar’), the writer is in charge of writing the stories and dialogues of several of the characters that we will see in ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’.

Nouredine Abboud, senior producer of Ghost Recon Wildlands said:

“As for Don and Shane, we wanted them to take care of what they know best, to help us know what would happen in history and why. Their knowledge in this matter and the cartels helped us to bring verisimilitude.”

Winslow explains the number of books he has had to read on the subject, as well as digging through court files, FBI and CIA transcripts and police reports, in order to provide a greater context. It was at that moment that the writer was prepared to go out into the street and talk directly to police, narcotics traffickers, prisoners, gang members, etc.

‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’ will arrive on March 31 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Next Monday, February 27, we have the opportunity to test its open beta, which allows us to explore two of the 21 provinces available at the launch of the game, both full of missions and stories, that we can play both solo and cooperative with three friends.

We leave you with the video “Writing for Wildlands”:


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