‘Ghostbusters VR Now Hiring’ is the new game of Ghostbusters

‘Ghostbusters VR Now Hiring' is the new game of Ghostbusters

After the film last summer of 2016 it is clear that Sony intends to take advantage of the film saga ‘Ghostbusters’, which has three feature films and several video games under its name. The surprising thing is a new game based on the license has appeared without any previous announcements or any effort to promote it.

This new title responds to the name of ‘Ghostbusters VR Now Hiring’ and in case if you have not guessed, it is still a first-person experience that takes advantage of the benefits of Virtual Reality. The game has appeared in the American PlayStation Store and is available for PS4 and its virtual reality device. At the moment it is not for sale in other regions like Europe. Its current price is $ 7 and at the moment we do not know if it will translate to euros.

In this new title of the franchise we will put ourselves in the skin of a man or woman who gets the job of his life as part of the great team of Ghostbusters that protects the city of New York. The game will be divided into several acts that serve as scenarios and for the moment only the first one is available, ‘Firehouse’, which is located in a fire station in which we will have to face some classic ghosts and new ones that will give us good war.

This is the return of the franchise after the film and the video game of 2016 summer, after which there has been news again of future sequels and return to the appearance of more forms of exploitation in different media.


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