Giphy’s new camera app turns our words into animated gifs with text


At this point no one can deny that Giphy has become a reference in the world of animated gifs. One of the advantages of the platform is the variety of applications offered to its users. The last few hours have echoed the release of Giphy Says, a new camera app for iOS that promises to turn our words into animated gifs with text.

In general, the operation of the application is the simplest, which will certainly make it extend its use. In fact, we will just have to open the app, press the record button and start talking to add text. As soon as we release the button the application will be in charge of transforming our voice into text, which will appear in the animated gif in the form of snacks. One of the advantages of the application is its speed, since the whole process only takes a few seconds.

The possibilities of Giphy Says do not end here, since the application also allows us to slide the interface horizontally to choose between different styles. In addition, we can also apply several filters by sliding the interface vertically. Finally, we took the opportunity to highlight the possibility of changing both the position and the size of the text of our animated gifs. Once we are satisfied with the final result we can download and share it on social networks.

At this point we can not deny that this is an application is of the most curious. If you have noticed, you can download it completely free on your devices through the App Store. For the moment, since Giphy have not announced the compatibility of the app with Android.


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