Gmail for Android already supports Microsoft Exchange tasks

Exchange Task in Gmail App

At the end of last April, Gmail’s Android client leveraged the familiarity of its application to enable those corporate users who have their mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange.

In this way, these corporate clients can have in Gmail for Android as the application in which they can query both the messages that arrive to their personal mailboxes and the messages that arrive to their professional mailboxes.

But Gmail for Android does not stop there as it will now also be compatible with the tasks of Exchange, so if the IT department of their companies releases it, they will also have access from now to the professional tasks in full mobility in safe way.

Google says that such corporate users will be able to create tasks, edit dates, set priorities, and even start an email message to make it a task to be answered.

It ensures that corporate users do not have to go through any learning curve because their operation will be quite familiar, so that having the list of unified tasks should only focus on the most important.

In this way, Gmail for Android is even closer to companies to enable their employees to use it for professional purposes, facilitating even those elements that in principle can be complex to establish.

For more information you can visit the Google’s blog where they explain about the working of exchange tasks in Gmail.


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