Gmail Sender Icons: This Chrome Extension helps to easily identify and organize emails

If you have a lot of e-mails or subscribed to several dozens of newsletters, you can quickly lose track of your inbox and either have to clean it up daily or create a thorough filter system. If you do not like all of this, you can also install a new Chrome Extension, which can provide a little more overview. Gmail Sender Icons provides all mails in the inbox with an icon including sender information.

At the latest when the number of daily incoming mails reaches a three-digit value, you should think about creating filters and sorting emails automatically or at least labeling them. This does not shed the inbox, but also creates more overview. The filters of Gmail are relatively powerful, but hardly allow for an adjustment or removal in the inbox.

The Chrome Extension Gmail Sender Icons creates even more overview and shows which domain has sent the e-mail. So you have then no more 20 mails in succession which are marked with “Newsletter”, but looks directly whether these are from Amazon or another sender. This information is also displayed in the form of a label containing the favicon and the address of this domain.

The extension works in the inbox as well as in all other areas of Gmail such as in the Sent folder and especially also in the spam folder. Especially in the latter, it will be easier to search for spam and not have to read all sender and subject. This only works if the mail has not been sent via one of the numerous newsletter services, since they rarely use the URL of the actual customer.

The Chrome Extension runs locally in the browser. It simply extracts the domain of the sender and displays it as well as the Favicon. The latter builds many connections in the background to fetch the icon, but this is not really noticeable with the use.

The additional label is displayed behind the self-assigned labels and does not interfere with the already familiar look at the inbox. If you have created too many labels, the extension can also make sure that the title or the mail extract cannot be displayed completely.

Unfortunately, the additional label has no function and opens with a click only the e-mail behind it. It would be more practical to link the search function of Gmail, which can be called up very easily with “from: Domain”. This may be something for the second version of this extension.


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