Gmail will allow extensions in its version for companies

gmail extensions

There are many plugins in Chrome and Firefox that increase the possibilities of Gmail, but none of them are from Google. All are third companies that during the last years have managed to increase the data shown in this platform, integrating with CRM systems, showing extended contact information and a long etcetera.

Now it is Google that presents a movement in this sense: G Suite users will be able to use extensions for Gmail, thanks to a development platform that will allow programming of add-ons of all kinds.

The goal is to allow these add-ons to display functionality from other applications when the context prompts. As an example, they comment:

Let’s say a Gmail user receives an email from a sales manager and wants to add that contact to his CRM solution. With Gmail add-ons, you can enter the required contact information and search for your account in that CRM system without leaving Gmail. No more copying and pasting or switching between mobile apps to get things done.

Developers will be able to build the integration and let it run natively on Web, Android and iOS right away. Users will only have to install the plugin once on a single platform, so if installed on the web it will be available automatically and vice versa.

Gmail users will be able to install add-ons via the G Suite Marketplace later this year, and developers can now sign up on this page to get started with their future integrations.


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