Gmail Will Stop Working on Older Versions of Chrome and Windows

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most used email services worldwide, and is that the Google service offers a really attractive tool for all users and is completely free. Many users even use their Gmail accounts for professional use. However, as announced by the search giant recently, some users might soon see how it has problems to continue using this service, as soon Gmail will stop working in versions of the Google Chrome browser less than or equal to 53.

A measure that affects all users who do not have a version of Google Chrome updated on their PC and that directly affects users who still have their computers running Windows XP or Windows Vista. These versions of Microsoft’s operating system were left with version 49 of Google Chrome, hence they will find themselves affected by this decision by Google.

However, this measure would have been taken by Google for security reasons in its email service. In addition, the company has indicated that it cannot do anything about it and therefore recommends that affected users update their operating systems in order to have a more up-to-date version of the Google browser and consequently can continue to use their Gmail accounts.

Beginning next week, specifically from next February 8, all users who have a version equal to or less than Google Chrome 53, will see how at the top of your browser will appear a banner informing them that the end of the Gmail support for their browser version. However, they will still have time to upgrade their equipment, since by the end of this year 2017 users affected by this decision will be able to continue using their mail without problems.

Google does not usually announce the end of support for previous versions of its Chrome browser, however, because this decision affects users of Windows XP and Windows Vista, who still have a considerable market share, has decided to announce it and start warn all affected users from next week.

Undoubtedly, the change is not simply restricted to updating the Chrome browser, but users should update their system and in many cases even the PC itself.

Undoubtedly, this decision will cost many users to upgrade to their operating system which certainly increase the market share of Windows 10.


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