GoCentral, The New GoDaddy Service for Web Creation, Marketing and Sales

GoCentral GoDaddy Service

GoDaddy, which as you know is a platform specialized in domain registration and website hosting, wants to mark a point in the segment of self-development websites with the launch of GoCentral, a new service which combines both a self-creating website tool along with marketing and e-commerce tools.

Basically, GoCentral focuses on small and medium businesses that want to have a presence on the web, putting the focus on results. It is designed so that they can have their presence on the Internet even if they have little technical knowledge.

For GoDaddy, their new service is a new era in smart website creation. Its self-development tool covers more than 1,500 professional segments, taking into account that the other tool of self-creation of websites that GoDaddy already had available to date only covers about 300.

The mentioned companies only have to indicate the name and the corresponding segment, be it industry or idea, so that the self-creation tool itself automatically generates the almost complete website, with images and sections, where the same companies and only they will have to make a series of adjustments, taking them less than an hour to complete their websites.

Pointing out that this tool can also be used through mobile devices and that it has intelligent algorithms and systems that will learn over time to self-generate websites that fit more to the needs of companies.

Once the adjustments are made, the website is created and will be friendly with both desktop and mobile devices. Once they are public, it uses another series of integrated tools, from integrating it into search engine rankings to creating e-mail campaigns and creating professional Facebook pages.

A few more notes, and is that companies can integrate their online sales sections with support for payments through Apple Pay, Paypal and credit cards.


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