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Goku vs Saitama: Detailed Comparison (Who will Win and Who will Lose)

As of now, two characters of different animes are trending…

Goku vs SaitamaFirst is Goku from Dragon Ball, and another one is Saitama from One Punch Man. These are the two most influential characters of both the animes. Although both have their specialty and specific skills, their fighting style is different. Both are handling battles, and their work and fights are so relishing, and followers are highly interested in the same.

Well, this is one of the most fun and exciting topic in the recent anime admires world.

Currently, followers are having a dispute on who is more robust and who will win(Goku vs Saitama). Undoubtedly, both the characters are the topmost characters of the anime series. If you are also looking for similar information, then be with us until the end as we reveal many facts that will blow your thoughts.

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If we go with the discussion on various platforms regarding Goku and Saitama, then half of the votes are for Goku and half for Saitama. Since both of them possess their unique features so to draw any conclusion, we have to through each of their qualities details. Isn’t it?

So, Let’s get started:


Who doesn’t easily gives up?

Well, if you have seen the One punch Man and Dragon series, then you might be aware…who is strong and who doesn’t give up. In this case, Goku is the one who doesn’t give up easily. Even if he losses the battle, he ends up coming back with new strength.

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Actually, Goku has the habit of practicing until or unless he doesn’t defeat the opponent. While Saitama does for the fun and doing things with fun makes it more accessible. In short, Goku doesn’t give up whichever the situation is, he faces it with courage.

Who has more Durability?

No doubt, Goku durability is more eminent than Saitama, but when both took a black hole like attack, Goku was not so energetic, and even it weakens at that time. Yess…. Yess, he powered up, but before that sprit bomb also changed into a black hole.

Saitama is the one who holds durability back, but it is dumb to keep the back enough. However, it is seen that Goku is much diverse and experienced fighter who wants to defeat the warrior by doing his best.

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Who Provides his Maximum Output?

What’s your opinion?

Who holds and give maximum output….

Well, it is not so easy to say because both provide their best output to defeat the opponent. Although, there are situations in the series through which you can get a glimpse.

Of course, many situations relate that Saitama training is quite challenging, and even there is a rumor in the series that he takes so hard training, resulting in the loss of his hair as his hard training fell out his hair.

His training is so successful that he gains his potential power, and in the series, he could not defeat only one opponent in the series. He tried his best and came up with his one punch, showing he can beat anyone easily. Goku also tries his best at every incident, as we already stated earlier.

But the Goku is not able to implement all the training he has taken. So, we think Saitama provides his best maximum…if you have a different viewpoint, then let me know in the remark section.

  • Who is more powerful?

Well, we are again in the dilemma of who scores more. Any guesses from your side…well, we all know Saitama is a punch man who is known for his punching skills. Isn’t it?

Goku vs Saitama

The fact is he can defeat anyone with his powerful punch and let me clear you one more thing- Saitama has a different style of punch…..Yes..different styles of punch. In the series, he has conquered multiple monsters without any strain.

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Although, Goku trains himself very hard he was not always successful in accomplishing it. Goku will not be able to stand against Saitama if he uses his punch. So, as our views, Saitama is more powerful.

Who is Super Saiyan?

Goku vs Saitama one of the latest topics in the anime world….if you have seen both the series then this is super easy. Because Goku trains himself consistently and constantly work on himself to increase his muscle power. Moreover, while having access to the different power levels through super Saiyan, he doesn’t even feel to use his full power.

Goku vs Saitama

This conserves his energy for the tougher times. He consumes his power at the most needed level to destroy the opponent. So, more scores go the Goku and he is a Super Saiyan.

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Who carries more determination and trainers harder?

Goku vs Saitama

Well, who takes training harder…don’t need any explanation already stated many times in the article. Of course, Goku is the one who takes harder training, even he takes training from the warriors who have beaten him. His this attitude to learning more and more is desirable for any warrior.


Saitama’s entires attitude is that he wont to become a hero, so he works hard to achieve it. The point is now he is a hero and to maintain that heroism, he tries to face all the challenges and wants to gain all the skills to be a hero for the long term. So, have their own determination towards their goals, so this case we leave up to let us know who has more determination according to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 Who is Stronger Goku vs Saitama?

Ans. Well, the answer is tricky because both have their own fighting style, where Saitama is a punch man and Goku is a Super Saiyan. Saitama is stronger in terms of his punching style. If you want to know more, go through the above-mentioned comparison.

Q.2 Who will Win Goku vs Saitama?

Ans. Goku has built his physique and his emotional intelligence that will help throughout his life. Saitama is good at punching and works on it. Well, there is no exact answer for the same but determination, durability and devotion play an important role. So, to know the exact answer, we have to wait for what will happens next.

Q.3. What is Ultra instinct Goku vs Saitama?

Goku is the topmost character of the Dragon Ball and Saitama is one of the main protagonists of the One Punch Series. Actually, both are the characters of the most admired series. There is going to be a battle between Goku and Saitama, so it will highly relishing to watch- who will defeat whom.

Q.4. Who can defeat Goku?

Ans. It is not easy to beat Goku, but still there are characters that rival Goku and can put a fight with him.

  • Zeno: He is the character of the Dragon Ball who has the powers and skills that can beat Goku.
  • Jiren: She is a member of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11, characters of the Dragon Ball series. She also has the power to conquers him.
  • Saitama: He from the One Punch Man, whose punching skills are commendable and even he can ends fights with his punch.
  • Kaguya Otsutsuki: She is one of the strongest members of the Otsutsuki clan members. Moreover, she appeared in the Naruto series and some of her skills can trouble him.
  • Sasuke Uchiha: He is one who has the ability to fight against all the warriors and is the foremost character of the Sasuke Uchiha.
  • Alucard: Alucard is from the Hellsing series and he can easily fearsome with his skills. He can be a menace for the Saiyan.

Final Words:

In this article, we have tried to give you a glimpse of both Goku and Saitama. We have compared Goku vs Saitama on the basis of different features to help you decide, who can win the fight. Exactly, what will happen in the fight depends on the creators but through all the above-mentioned criteria will help you to figure out. Do let us know your opinion towards the winning and comparison of the Goku and the Saitama.

If you have any other questions, then let us apprehend in the reference section.

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