Google adds a search widget in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome search

Google Chrome, one of the most popular web browsers on Android, gets a major development in its Dev version. The great G has just introduced a search widget in Chrome Dev that considerably reduces the time we spend in making an Internet search.

If you’ve thoroughly browsed the different widgets available on your Android phone, you may have noticed that there is a separate widget for the Google search app. We refer to that drawer-shaped widget and the integrated company emblem that serves as quick access to search the Internet, between our contacts and even files in the terminal’s own memory. However, those searches are associated with the Google app itself. That is, if we access the Internet, we do it through the browser integrated in this application.

A novelty of the most practical and comfortable

Sometimes this alternative does not meet our needs and we have to resort to the web browser application, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera or the one we have selected. This need forces us to move from the browser app to the browser itself, with the consequent annoyance since we lose time in this change and again in the load of the web page that we want to consult.

Widget search in Google Chrome

If you are one of those that this transition is especially annoying, then Google has a solution based on the novelty included in your browser, Google Chrome, for Android. That solution is in the last update of the same which includes a widget that will allow us to perform a search through it and immediately consult the results through the web browser. Of course, it is necessary to clarify that for now this novelty is present in the Chrome version of tests that you can install from Google Play without any complications.

How to use the new Chrome Search widget

So, how do we make use of the new search widget integrated in Google Chrome? Simple, as once installed or updated the app, we will only have to place the widget on the home screen just as we normally do with any of these shortcuts. Once enabled, as we see in the capture, it will work as a window of access to Chrome with the difference being that once the search is done we will get the results through a window of Google Chrome Dev.

A function that hopefully comes soon to the Beta version, surely, later will be implemented in the official version as well.


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