Google adds hundreds of wallpapers for Android in its Wallpapers App

Google wallpepers app

One of the best ways to personalize your smartphone is to download wallpapers and set it for your home screen. Google knows this and for this reason a few months ago it launched its own wallpapers app to the Play Store, with all kinds of images to change the look of our mobile phone.

Now Google has just released a new update for its Wallpapers app that adds a hundred new wallpapers for Android, classified in different categories, including landscapes, life, textures and urban landscapes.

This Google application has quickly became a success. With just a few months of life it already has between five to ten million downloads worldwide. Much of this success is due to the fact that it is an extremely simple application to use and allows the users to easily discover new wallpapers for Android. With this application the users can customize the smartphone’s home screen, the lock screen or both at the same time.

Different wallpapers in black and white can be found, wallpapers for the new display of the LG G6 and even wallpapers of Android O can be found on the web. Google tries to group most of them all under one application that meets all the wishes and needs of users. In addition, the update also brings some interface improvements so that to set up wallpapers on Android would be much more comfortable. Classic error correction is also included.

In case you have a hard time choosing which wallpaper to set, with this application you have the option to select your favorite category and let the application automatically set a new wallpaper every day. This ensures a unique look on your smartphone every 24 hours.

If you want to check all the new wallpapers, just update the Wallpapers app on your device and you’re done. If you have not tried them yet, download it through the following link.

Wallpapers App – Google Play Store


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