Google Allo gets new features make it easier and fun to use

Google Allo

Although Google Allo, the mobile messaging network that Google launched last September to compete with other networks like WhatsApp, among others. It has not yet been used by many which is why Google continues to add the necessary efforts to offer an experience from Allo that allows a simple handling and is fun at the same time.

This is intended to get more users to pick up this app and use it regularly. Users are not going to add a new messaging application when their contacts already use the other app, and we know that messaging networks are not interoperable with each other.

In this sense, Google has presented three new features: facilitate the inclusion of GIFs to conversations, new animated emojis and simplified access to the Google assistant.

When it comes to accessing the GIF library to select and include in the conversations, Google points out that you only have to press the smiley face icon available from the edit field and slide to the left giving access Library to select the appropriate GIF.

In addition, Google has recalled that they also included a feature recently aimed at picking GIFs at random according to the conversations to introduce it to them. To do this, according to Google, you have to touch a smart answer with the icon Lucky or write @Lucky followed by the phrase to share a random GIF.

Google Allo premieres animated emojis with support for ten emojis at the moment. To do this you will have to choose any of these ten, press the send button and keep it pressed and with it that button will become a slider that will allow to enlarge or reduce the size of it. All that is left is to drag it into the conversation.

And finally, it now offers easier access to the Google assistant, where you just have to touch its icon available within the writing field and you are ready to the requests that are being made.

These three new features begin to deploy from today to Android devices and soon, without defining when, will also reach the iOS devices.

With this, Google wants to make Allo an option for users communications by keeping Hangouts mostly focused on businesses.


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