Google Allo will soon have a desktop application

Do you remember Google Allo? The messaging application of the big G was not able to gain a large audience even considering its possibilities and the varied range of features that it offered to users.

And, in addition to the stiff competition that the new Google application was ahead, Allo counted and continues to count with shortcomings that at this point are difficult to forgive in an instant messaging application.

One of them was the desktop version. Not that it was bad as it happens in other similar services, but was simply non-existent. Luckily, it seems like this is about to change, and as one of the vice president of Google products has said, we will soon be able to enjoy a desktop application on Google Allo.

Google wants you to use Allo again. According to Nick Fox on Twitter, although this variant of Google Allo is still in the early stages of development, very soon we will be able to enjoy the messaging service on our desktop.

It is not known, for the moment, if it is a desktop version like what we can find in WhatsApp, linking our account using a QR code, or if on the contrary will be a multiplatform desktop application. On the other hand, and considering that the Google Allo account is linked to our personal phone number, we are confident that the company will enable an option to log in with our Google account, and thus be able to use the platform from any tablet.

Without doubt, offering users the ability to use Allo from a computer will be an important step forward for the great G messaging service. At the moment there are too many doubts about this variant of the platform, although we trust that Google will clarify them all in the next few days.


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