Google apologizes for blocking LGBT videos in restricted mode


Several Youtubers from the LGBT collective have recently complained that the Google platform was blocking many of their videos when the restricted content option was flagged.

This option was created with the aim of hiding content for minors or those who do not want to find sensitive content in the search results, working in a similar way as the search engine itself, but apparently the blockade was eliminating videos that simply used the word gay or lesbian in their titles, regardless of whether or not the content was “sensitive.”

After the complaints, Youtube has apologized indicating that they are working on a better solution to identify what should and should not be blocked, but have not specified dates for the update.

The official letter of apology has been posted on Twitter. In it we can read:

Google LGBT apology

It is true that many of the videos blocked deal with aspects related to sex, something that is always tried to block this type of filters, but many others comment on rights issues, love stories, anecdotes which should be hidden in any type of “restricted” mode.

Through the message on twitter they have clarified that they welcome the voice of LGBT community on their platform and would be working to solve this problem.


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