Google Assistant becomes available on more devices!

The latest alpha version of the Google app for Android hides several interesting new features that have been discovered by fellow Android Police when thoroughly inspecting the application code.

One of the most important and interesting for users is the possibility of using Google Assistant, the virtual assistant so far exclusive to the Google Pixel, in different versions of Android, and regardless of the manufacturer of the device.

The alpha application offers several interesting new features, such as Lite mode for low speed connections, an improved offline search and a new page for mobile payments using Google Assistant, as we told you a few weeks ago.

But the real surprise of this release lies in the ability to enable Google Assistant on non-Pixel devices. In fact, Android Police people have been able to use the Google Assistant on a Nexus 6P with Android 7.1.1 as well as on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Android Marshmallow.

In order to use Google Assistant on any device, it would be necessary to install the latest alpha version of the application, and then perform a long press on the home button as if we were to access Now-On-Tap. Of course, the language of Google should be in English. Following these steps, some lucky users have been able to access the Google Assistant at their terminals.

It is necessary to comment that the option does not seem to be available to everybody, and everything indicates that the availability would be related to the Google account, and not with the device itself. On the other hand, this alpha version still has some errors, and it is possible that after installing the application some users may experience certain flaws when accessing the Google Now feed.

Be that as it may, here we provide a link to APKMiror from where to download the executable of the latest version of the Google app safely, so that anyone who wants can test if the wizard is compatible with your device.


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