Google Assistant Can Remember Things Said in Allo, Pixel and Home

Google Assistant

Google Assistant will now remember things that you asked them to remember in Allo, Pixel and Home.

There is a very interesting battle between different virtual assistants, but as these are based on the interrelationship between machine-human, that capacity to understand and remember everything for you is the closest to the real. This is where Google Assistant gives the note to understand the context, so you do not have to be remembering all the time the main subject of the last sentences as it happens with others.

Another of its distinguishing aspects is that Google Assistant can also remember things. It is in Allo, Pixel and Home, where you can find what has been asked before to be answered. Being cross-platform, this works on all three applications; You can make it remember something in Home and then ask in Pixel.

It is these details that get more attention to this virtual assistant than others. You take a phrase like “Remember that I have …” and then you get it. So if you need it to remind you to buy milk, you have to say “Remember I need to buy milk”, and Assistant will remember it. Even if you ask him “what did I do to remind you ?,” the Assistant will tell you that he was asked to remind you to buy milk.

The keywords also work, so if Assistant is told to remember a password by saying “my password is xxxxx”, you can say “What is my password?” and Assistant will tell you. You can also get things done like adding an item, then telling it to delete that item # 2.

It should be mentioned that this is not a keep-style reminder. You cannot put time or place, but rather tell Assistant to remember that. It’s like that friend we say, “Hey, remind me I have to go down and buy bread.”


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