Google Assistant on Google Home updated with a feature that makes shopping easier

A few days ago we learned the news of the arrival of Google Assistant to more devices. The application found in Alpha version offers a series of new features such as Lite mode for slow connections, or the improvement of offline search.

In order to enjoy this wizard, we will have to enable Google Assistant in our device, installing the latest alpha version and making a long press on the “home” button. This way we will have access to the Google assistant, but that in English.

With all the technology that surrounds us each time it is easier to make the shopping list, but imagine that instead of doing it directly, if there is someone who helps you to buy everything in it.

This is just what Google wants to get with their wizard. Help users keep up with their schedule and be able to buy things when they need them. Suppose if we need paper for the bathroom or for example vitamins pills then we will be able to make the purchase through Google Assistant.

At the moment the retailers included in the list of stores in Google Assistant are few, but it is likely to grow, so many more are expected to join this new project in coming months.

To start shopping we only have to tell the assistant: “Ok Google, how do I buy?” Or, for example, “Ok Google, buy toilet paper”. From April 30 of this year, we can buy online through the wizard with a simple command and your order will be delivered to your home.

All we have to do is set up our card in the “Payments” section of Google, and set the delivery address. With these simple steps, Google Assistant will make the purchase for us and we will not have to worry about having to go to the supermarket.


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