Google Chrome 58 is now available with 29 security patches

chrome 58

The Internet is constantly changing so the browsers must constantly change and stay updated to offer users the best possible experience and, above all, the best security against the threats that plague the network. For this reason, Google has just released a new version of its browser, the Google Chrome version 58. Every Chrome user must make sure to install it as soon as possible.

A few hours ago, Google has released Google Chrome 58. Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world. This new version of the browser does not come with important changes or big news, but rather is focused on implementing a series of settings and security patches that allow users to continue to use the browser in the most comfortable way. Although it was planned for late April, Google has advanced the launch of Google Chrome 58 a few days before to make their latest security available to users.

Touch Bar Google Chrome 58

The first of the news and one of the most important (at least for macOS users) is, now it has support for the Touch Bar, allowing the browser to make use of this new device. The Touch Bar is currently disabled by default and users must activate it manually.

In addition, the new Google Chrome 58 has implemented full support for IndexDB 2.0. From now on it will work much better with large amounts of data at a time. In addition, work has also been done on improving support for Android’s Progressive Web Apps, where the browser now offers a better experience by hiding the status bar and navigation. This feature allows a web page to take advantage of the screen in a much more efficient way, occupying the entire screen by hiding the top status bar, the Chrome banner with the web URL and tabs, as well as the navigation bar with the three main buttons at the bottom. Now we can enjoy more immersive experiences on the web, such as games or video playback where so many bars can make it difficult to see the content.

Google Chrome 58 fixes 12 vulnerabilities

In addition to the scarce news cited above, this new version of the browser has arrived with a total of 29 security patches that correct all types of vulnerabilities, 12 of which have been discovered by external investigators and 3 of the which have even been considered critical, and if exploited by a hacker could endanger the safety of users.

This new version of Google Chrome is already available to users of Windows, Linux and MacOS and can be downloaded from the main web page of the browser or directly from the current Chrome browser by opening the menu “Help> Google Chrome Information”.

Although we can not say that this is one of the largest updates that has received this browser, we can say that this is an important step forward in terms of security and performance that will certainly allow Google to continue to maintain its leadership as a wen browser that is used the all over the world.


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