Google Chrome for iPhone Already Has an Integrated QR Code Reader

Google Chrome is constantly being updated to new features and now Google has added a OR Code Reader to this browser of iOS version.

QR codes have not managed to become as popular as originally thought, but they have occupied an eternal space in several sectors, reason why it is necessary to continue working in systems capable of interpreting them correctly.

A few years ago QR fever was such that dozens of readers of this type of code appeared every day. They all had more or less the same functionalities: capture and interpret the symbols to offer their content, but there were always some more original that allowed creating QR codes with colors or with specific forms.

The fashion has been happening, many mobile phones already have this feature to read these codes with the native app of the camera. Some of the smartphone already come with pre-installed QR codes apps to read, but still you may find several apps on Google Play and iTunes.

Now Google is the one who presents one integrated in its browser Chrome, at the moment only for iOS.

The functionality, which appears in the latest update, also allows scanning a barcode of a traditional product. After the scan, Google will send the user to a page of Google search results for the item in question, where you can check prices, read comments and see more data of the product.

As you can see in the top capture, you only need to click on the chrome icon to see the reader as one of the available options and that’s it.


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