Google Chrome Will Alert Us When We Go Shopping On Insecure Websites

Google Chrome 56

In these last days of January, Google Chrome got updated to Chrome 56 and from now on it will alert the users when entering payment details on websites without HTTPS protocol.

Over the last few years we have talked to you on many occasions about the importance of the HTTPS protocol, increasingly used. In fact, giants like Google give priority in their search results to websites that use HTTPS. From now on, as the company has communicated, Google Chrome will alert us when an online store does not use the HTTPS protocol and therefore it is not secure.

The notice will jump to all those web pages requesting usernames, passwords and credit card data in cases where they do not use the HTTPS protocol. This is a notice that will tell the user that the website is not secure, which will probably cause the purchase to not take place. The goal pursued by Google is, therefore to encourage all web pages to offer greater security when compiling the data of their customers.

Specifically, the new feature we are talking about is already available in version 56 of Google Chrome for users of Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, so you can download it from the official web browser. In addition to the above, the Google team has taken the opportunity to offer other news, such as an improvement in page load performance and not only that, since there are also numerous improvements for developers.

At this point we cannot deny the importance of the update, especially if we consider the importance of maintaining the security of our banking data.


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