Google Drive now allows you to preview password-protected Office documents

Google continues to boost the functions of Drive, to adapt its dynamics to the workflow of users. One of the latest updates announced allows us to preview (on the web) Office files in Drive that have a password, something that is not even possible in the Microsoft app itself.

The dynamic is very simple, since we have to follow the same process that we do with any other office file. Once we have written the password we can have a preview of the document, but only in read mode. And this option also applies to presentations and spreadsheets. We can follow this procedure for files that we have stored in Google Drive, or those we receive through Gmail.

Major cloud-based services should be tasked with trying to match the capabilities normally offered by equivalent applications on desktops.

In this regard, Google Drive goes a step further in this regard by enabling, from now on, the preview of Microsoft Office files that are password protected via the web. A very interesting update, which will allow us to see this type of content from anywhere by simply turning to our Google Drive account on the web, without having to have the Office package installed. This means that users can now preview these types of files directly from the Google Drive website, where they must enter their respective passwords.

Thereafter, they will have access to such files, whether documents, presentations or even spreadsheets, itself in read mode. This new feature puts Google Drive ahead of its competition. It is likely that other online services will not be left behind, as we are accustomed to see in this type of competitive situations.

As with the updates launched by Google for its products, this new feature will be gradually deployed to all users these days. If at the moment users do not have such an active possibility in their accounts they should not expect much to enjoy it, since the deployment will be gradual but fast. It will take duration of up to three days to reach all users, according to Google blog of updates of G Suite.


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