Google explains how to save battery on Android O

Android O

Google has been working on increasing the battery life of Android for years. Fruits of this work were seen in the birth of technologies like Doze that based its operation on the reduction of activities that exercises the applications while they work in the background. Now, Google explains how it will save battery on Android O.

Right now, in the current versions of Android when consulting the configuration of the battery from the settings menu, you can see the applications that are responsible for the increased use of the battery since the last charge. However, in order to save battery power on Android O, the new software will display enough data to configure power management.

However, with the next version of Android O, Google has improved the battery configuration menu. This improvement will apparently make it easier for people to understand the battery management and also help to understand how certain applications that performs in the background act as large energy consumers.

More battery consumption data on Android O

Android O battery

With the battery configuration data available in the next version of Android, you can not only determine the percentage of battery usage that an application is responsible for, but also present the actual time of consumption. Simply click on the specific app and you’ll find out if most of the power wear appeared while the app was running in the background or if it happened while the application was actively being used.

Knowing which applications misbehave or performs erratically is important when it comes to saving battery in Android O or in any other operating system. The thing is once we understand how it acts in terms of energy management then we will be able to scratch hours of usage on this mobile. As you will find out, not everything in this life is based on mAh.

There is no better way than the possibility of trying it yourself. So, if you play a certain game frequently and note that you are using a high percentage of battery life then close the app and check if the wear is the same. After checking if that happens to be the case then you may find that the problem is with that particular game only.

Now it remains to be seen whether this tool to save battery in Android O will be used correctly by most users of Android O or will continue to look for other culprits in the detection of high energy consumption.


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