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Here’s Everything that You Get With Redesigned Google Fit App

The fifth month of 2019 is passing out, Are you following your new year resolution religiously? If not still you have the opportunity to start again and start towards your health goals. Good health is a primary need of each and every person. It is true that most of the world spike towards resolutions but if you broke up your resolution.

You can pick up it again at any point in time. But to make it successful this time plan it accordingly by using some technology. It can be added by using gadgets or different type of apps available by reputed companies. Today here we will suggest how you can add technology in your daily routine and achieve your success goals efficiently.

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Add Smart Ideas that can make a difference

I believe that struggle is real and it makes things hard. So, here you will get to know how to add technology in your daily life and reach efficiently your health goals.

Use Google Calendar

You all have Google Calendar in your Android mobiles, Pc, Laptops. But no one is using this efficient app which can automatically assign time for daily tasks. To start it first set up a realistic goal depending on your current health condition. After deciding a reachable goal make yourself accountable by adding it in Google Calendar. Feel free as rest of the work Calender will do automatically. It will pinch you through an alarm that its to go for a walk or it’s time to prepare some healthy snack for the week. If you got a quick clash by an urgent piece of work don’t worry as it will suggest you an alternate time for your healthy habit.

Track and compare it on Google Fit

Do you know Google Fit? It is an App from the house of Google which is developed to help every individual. Yes by using this you can easily track your activity and compare it with past performance. Another great thing about this app is you can check your reports on a daily, monthly or weekly basis in attractive charts. Whatever you are doing whether it’s swimming, walking, running, cycling etc. The Google Fit will automatically detect it and keep a track of it you can easily use it on your fitness band or on Android mobile.

Cycling by using Google Maps

Do you know? Cycling can be a great way to burn calories. A study has observed that a person can burn 420 calories by 30 minutes of cycling. But finding it hard to find a cycling track and don’t want to go with huge traffic as there you have to face pollution which is hazardous for health. A simple way use Google map and select for Bike route you will get an alternate route which is fit for 2 wheeler. You can easily do daily cycling on different routes without any fear of getting lost with Google Maps.  

Eat healthy by using Youtube and Google

To reach your health goal effectively count your daily calorie intake as well. It is another effective measure to have a healthy body. Plan your daily calories and track your actual calorie intake by checking food intake. All foods have different calories, for example, a small portion of french fries has 320 calories in it with 23% of daily fat intake. To get some healthy options or healthy recipes you can search them on youtube. There are several great creators who developed yummy recipes and by sharing it on youtube they helped thousands of peoples. So, Live healthy Eat healthy by learning new recipes on youtube and calories counts can be taken care of by Google Fit.

Join the Movement Use #GetFitWithGoogle on Social Media Platforms

To make it challenging or get inspired by others. Simply use the #GetFitWithGoogle and showcase your daily goals on your Personal Profile on Social Media. You can check others feed at same Hashtag. Google also organise fitness challenge around the globe where influencers from every country participate and compete with each other. The one with higher heart points on Google fit becomes champion. You can also set an example by winning it and get name fame and most importantly a fit body.

How To Start with Google Fit The Complete Procedure

Here we will give you the complete procedure of how you can use Google Fit. This will help you to understand and make yourself confident to use Google Fit without any mistake. Resulting in a effective health plan. To use Google Fit Simply Follow the steps given below:

Pick Up the Challenge

Install the app and Join the 30-day challenge. After this choose the current date or any other date when you want to start. The Google Fit 30 day challenge is designed to start your journey towards a healthier you. You will be earning heart point as per your performance Google Fit automatically detect your movement like walking, running, swimming etc. This will help you to track and compare your daily movement as well. Try to earn as much heart points as you can.

Get Familiar to Rules

As we all know, To play a game know its rules first without this you cannot become a winner. Same applies to Google Fit know the rules first so that you can regulate your plan accordingly. On every movement that makes your heart pump you earns a Heart. For moderate activities, you get one point every minute. As recommended by the American Heart Association you must hit 150 heart points each week. This can help you in keeping your heart healthy.

Make a Prompt Start

Finding it tough to achieve a heart point. No need to worry, as you can earn heart point by following these great tips given below:

  • Involve your family in your work out if not possible pick your kids. These young champs can boost your exercise temperament automatically.
  • Feeling bored find newer places for a workout as you earn the same points wherever you do your exercise.  
  • If going for a hill station vacation than skiing, snowboarding, mountain tracking are the best ways to get higher heart pumps and earn heart points.
  • Do not stop yourself if you are not feeling enough energy to earn a heart. You can opt for a brisk walk as it can reward you some points.

Choose your Buddy

For making it more interesting Google Fit has come up with 36 influencers from all over the world. You can simply check how these people are earning their heart points. Follow #GetFitWithGoogle on social media to stay up to date how peoples are doing also checking others becomes a great inspiration.

Download Google Fit App For Android

  • Click on this Download Button and you will be redirect to the latest version of Google Fit App on the Google Play Store.
  • Tap on Install to start the downloading process.
  • Open the app, once the installation is completed.
  • Fill the required details.
  • Now, use Google Fit App in your Android Smartphone and start focusing your health.


Hey guys, So what’s your opinion about our article covering Google fit. This content is developed to provide help and give you simple ways to add technology in lifestyle. As it can make your health plans more effective and can act as a virtual coach as well. 

If you find the content helpful kindly share it with your near and dear ones. Still Finding any difficulty with the content or having any question about Google Fit. Mention it below in comment box I would love to answer these in our upcoming blogs. Be healthy by adding  


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