Google gives insights into the design process of the new pixel smartphones

Already very early last year, Google had announced that it would take full control of its own smartphones and take all steps from the concept of design to the technical components themselves. The pixel smartphones which received very good reviews have come out. Now, a report gives an insight into the design process and shows many small details involved in the development of this smartphone.

CNET has now asked some Google designers about the design of the pixel, and has got some interesting insights. Every little detail was discussed and discussed for a long time until it finally found its way into the finished smartphone. This goes from the rounded corners over the nature of the power button to the slant for the camera. I just quote some interesting points:

Power Button:

The team was careful not too much, but it did matter. Afterwards, you will be able to see the light of the sun.

Glass back:

Beneath the glass is a thin film that makes the glass reflect a soft yellow tint. Called a dichroic effect, it’s similar to the natural multicolored sheen of soap bubbles.

Color selection

In his quest to find the perfect showcase color, the team brought in focus groups to evaluate different color samples and mock-ups. Do you have a great idea for a product? See who likes this product

The designers go even more closely to the individual points and justify their decisions with weighty arguments. In addition, there are many high-resolution photos showing the respective element. In the end, the designers are very proud of the final product and all other stakeholders are convinced that they have launched the best possible smartphone on the market.

Below is the source of the news where you can read in detail about the effort of the pixel design team to develop this smartphone.

Source: CNET


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