Google Introduces Chrome 56 with High Security, Faster Loading and HTML5 Enabled By Default

Google Chrome 56

The new Google Chrome 56 has arrived, the first major update of the browser in 2017. Internet is constantly changing and therefore it is vital that those responsible for major web browsers, such as Google Chrome, update them both with security improvements as new standards and new features that allow them to continue gaining users and stand up to their rivals.

A few hours ago, Google released the stable version of Google Chrome 56. This new update is very similar to the one we saw earlier this week with Firefox 51, and is that most of the features that Google has included in this new version is also included by Mozilla in its browser with the update of last Monday.

The main news of Google Chrome 56

One of the innovations that have come with this browser is that, from now on, the HTML5 standard is enabled by default for all users and on all pages. From now Google Chrome 56 will start loading the web in HTML5, improving the overall performance and very important, following the slow death of the Adobe Flash plugin.

Other important news of this new version of Google Chrome is that WebGL 2.0 is already activated by default for all users and that support for FLAC format has been added. In addition, a new API has been included that allows Windows, Linux, MacOS and mobile devices to communicate with each other through the Bluetooth LE standard.

Finally, the new Google Chrome 56 will start marking all websites that request sensitive data from users, such as passwords or credit card numbers, over HTTP, such as insecure web pages, forcing more and more developers to make the leap to secure HTTPS protocol.

In addition to all the previous changes and improvements, the new Google Chrome 56 solves a total of 51 security flaws detected by both Google and external researchers, making the browser as safe as possible.

This new version of Google Chrome will automatically reach all users who use the browser and will be installed, once downloaded, completely invisible when restarting the browser. Likewise, users who want to download it to install it manually download it from the official website of Google Chrome.



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