Google introduces new tools in Google Drive

new tools in Google Drive

In order to improve security and facilitate the use of Google Drive within companies, Google today announced the implementation of new resources for G Suite customers.

Team Drives, to create and share work confidentially within a team; Google Vault, to have under control the sensitive data stored in Drive; AppBridge, to migrate to Drive from old platforms; Drive File Stream, to improve the current use of files stored in Drive; And Quick Access, for instant access to the most relevant files thanks to Google’s artificial intelligence system.

Here we describe in detail each of the new functions:

– Team Drives: Options that allow administrators to have more control over the access of the files, offering resources that help to know the status of everything that has been shared. The idea is to create workgroups that have access to sets of files, being simple to add and remove new members at any time. This feature will be available to all G Suite Business, Education and Enterprise customers.

– Google Vault: Focused on data protection. The new Google Vault for Drive features give administrators the right controls to manage and protect all files, both employee units and Team Drives. We can, for example, establish retention policies to suspend files that are critical for a particular legal case.

– AppBridge: a tool they have purchased to be able to perform cloud-based and hybrid migrations within the Google Drive platform.

– Drive File Stream: a resource that will allow us to have the files always at hand using less disk space. It is available in the Early Adopter Program (EAP), and allows teams to quickly transmit files directly from the cloud to the computer, without having to synchronize everything before. The goal is to avoid the traditional Google Drive client, because with this new feature we can immediately download any file from our Drive thanks to an advanced caching system. This function also avoids the risk of users downloading all company data on their hard disks.

– Quick Access: Google’s artificial intelligence system already knows which files are most used by each member within the company, and for that already has a lot of information available in cache so that the loading of content is immediate and personalized for each one .

Individual customers will not have access to these features, it is only for companies and institutions that have contracted the Google platform.


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