Google is Already Testing the New Pixel 2 and a More Affordable Variant for Emerging Markets

Google Pixel 2

A new leak as reveled that along with the new Pixel 2, Google is also testing a mid-range variant for emerging markets.

Although the Google Pixel has been in the market for a few months, the lack of stock of this phone has been the norm since it went on sale and, in fact, in many countries it is not yet marketed.

Now, according to information published by 9to5Google, Google is testing Pixel 2 with chips from two manufacturers – Qualcomm and Intel – and the camera of the device will receive improvements to capture still better photos in low light conditions. Now, the new phone could come with a price increase of about $50.

On the other hand, Google is also testing prototypes of a device under the code name “Pixel 2B.” If this phone sees the light, it will come with less powerful hardware than the Pixel 2 and therefore have a more affordable price.

The idea seems to sell the Pixel 2B in emerging markets although, given the price of the Pixel and, therefore, what is expected of Pixel 2, we would like to see it also in more developed countries. Apparently this new device will go on sale at together or just after the release of Pixel 2.


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