Google is already underway to suspend website with the false news

We recently told you that Google and Facebook wanted to stop the websites that are dedicated to publishing false news in bad fait, and now the company of the great G has confirmed that it has already started to do so.

The websites that are dedicated to publishing false news are unfortunately something that is the order of the day. It is that many people without confirming share such news on social networks which makes them viral like the news that Facebook is going to charge you for using Whatsapp. Fake news also had a great impact on the US Presidential elections and hence to minimize fake news on Internet, both Facebook and Google have started taking strict measures.

Google has already taken the first steps, so you do not have to read false news again. Philipp Schindler, Google’s chief business officer, has stated that the company has already set to work to fight the fake news websites. Although it must be clarified that with “false news” Google refers to websites that maliciously are dedicated to publishing news with distorted content to make it look like truthful content, and not website that include a section of fake news for humorous purpose only.

Philipp Schindler reiterated that Google has already begun to sanction sites that post fake news using its advertising platform, and add a tag verifying websites that publish truthful content, so it is expected that this will bring immediate effects. Although more is expected in this regard by the US company, but it’s just the start and soon it will start taking more actions.

Finally, Google’s head of business has wanted to make it clear that Google is dealing with the issue with extreme care, as they do not want to be accused of censoring ideologically unrelated pages.


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