Google is not able to control piracy from its own servers

google drive piracy

Although some reports published in recent months state that piracy of copyrighted content is slowing down whereas others indicate the exact opposite. Be that as it may, access to such “illicit” content has never been as easy as it is today, much to the chagrin of many.

One of the main elements of this, as it could not be otherwise, is the Internet search engine par excellence, Google, a firm that in recent months has received, by copyright owners, more than a quarter million requests for removal directed at pirated videos stored on the browser’s own servers. The ads point to a wide variety of films and television series with copyright, all served from the URL of

All this does more than demonstrate that the increase is due to the fact that those in Mountain View are increasingly having a hard time stopping the “pirates” of streaming videos that exploit these from their own servers. The fact is that through traditional web portals, specific applications or set-top-box prepared, access to high-quality copyrighted content has never been so easy for all types of users, even the most novice in the theme.

Thus, unconsciously, Google plays a very important role in this whole plot, as many sites and pirate servers exploit the servers of the firm itself to distribute illegitimate videos. One of the recently discovered systems to transmit this content is to do it directly from the cloud storage service, Google Drive, among other sources, and sometimes this is done with subtitles included and compatible with the company’s own device, Chromecast .

In fact these videos in question are transmitted from the domain as has also been noticed by the owners of the copyright, to the displeasure of them. Therefore, the requests made by the entertainment industry regarding this particular transmission system have multiplied exponentially in recent months. Just to make sure how much piracy has increased here is an example that shows that until the end of last year about 13,000 requests were made to withdraw these URLs, by 2017 we have already reported a total of 265,000.

Access to piracy is easier than ever

Of course, pirates using domain for these retransmissions is a major setback for the company of the great G and they do not appear in the search engine as many of the “reported” URLs have special parameters and only work if they are played from pirated streaming sites. All this along with how difficult it is to have access to “personal content” that users have stored in these services of storage in the Cloud, even though the policies of these strictly prohibit to save files with copyrights, is enough to be able to close the account of users who do not respect these standards.

However, the massive increase in the reports reported by the headlines of these videos shows that the problem is becoming more serious both for the entertainment industry itself and for the Mountain View firm. Of course, on the other hand, at least for the moment, pirate sites are “delighted” about how things are going in this direction because even if it is illegal, Google is “offering” a very reliable and superior hosting platform to many alternatives used to date.

We can also ask why Google has so many difficulties to address this situation, more if we consider that the company uses a hash to detect and block pirated content in Drive, although this does not seem to work too well, as it does not impede the flow of constant pirated videos through their servers. What we doubt is that the technology giant is going to have to take matters seriously, possibly with the imminent closure of hundreds or even thousands of accounts of its storage service that do not comply with its policies.


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